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Orano Retirement
Savings Plan

BMA Group Retirement & Benefits is a Saskatchewan based advisory firm providing financial consulting to Orano employees. In conjunction with Orano and Canada Life, we will consult, design, implement and monitor the Group Retirement Savings Plan.

Our commitment goes beyond numbers; it's about empowering you to make informed decisions that shape your financial future. Whether you're envisioning retirement or seeking strategic benefits, BMA Group Retirement & Benefits is here to transform your financial aspirations into a tangible reality.

Discover the difference of a personalized, forward-thinking approach to financial advisory—welcome to a partnership that transcends the ordinary, welcome to BMA Group Retirement & Benefits.

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About BMA

BMA Benefits is a consulting firm providing financial advising to Orano and its members. In conjunction with Orano and Canada Life we will consult, design, implement and monitor the Orano Group Retirement Savings Plan. Our services include individual financial advising for all members of the Orano plan and their families, provided at no cost.


As a member of the Orano Retirement Savings Plan, you can expect dedicated and passionate client service, as well as unparralleled attention to detail. Among these service related benefits, some plan level advantages are highlighted below.

  • Investment Management Fees (IMFs) are lower than an employee would be able to negotiate on its own

  • Portability and continuity is ensured for members who may move from one employer to another

  • Personal Financial advice for all members available at no extra cost

  • Allows transfers in from other plans and voluntary contributions e.g. RRSP they may have at other institutions

  • Curated top performing investment options in all asset classes that are committed to Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)

  • Administration of the plan is performed by BMA Benefits and Canada Life (e.g. Adding and removing employees, any required reporting, etc.


Plan Details


Employee Required Contributions


In-Service Withdrawal Restrictions

Investment Default


Permanent employees will join the RRSP plan according to the waiting period outlined in their employment contract. After enrolling, employees will make required contributions, and may also make voluntary contributions.

Permanent employees contribute 6.5% of earnings.

The Employer contributes an amount equal to 100% of the Employee's required contribution that would otherwise exceed the maximum annual RRSP contribution level as set by CRA.

The Employee's contribution is reduced to a level that when combined with the normal Employer contribution equals the CRA maximum annual contribution level. All Employer contributions are immediately vested to the Employee.

Withdrawal of Employee and Employer All contributions may be withdrawn contributions are not permitted unless required by law.

Withdrawals of voluntary contributions are permitted at any time.

Cadence Lifecycle Funds.


Employee may join the plan at any time.

Employees are not required to contribute to this plan.

Employees may contribute any amount up to the CRA.

Employer does not contribute to this plan.

All contributions may be withdrawn at any time.

Daily Interest Account.

Plan Details

Fund Information

Click on a fund title to go directly to the Fund Facts. Fund Information and Rate of Return numbers are updated quarterly.

Investment Management Fees (IMF) & Rates of Return (ROR)

Fund Information
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Orano Contact Form

For more information about the Orano Group Retirement Savings Plan, or to get in contact with an advisor, fill out the following contact form and a member of the BMA Group staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

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