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PAOC Group Retirement Savings Plan

Supporting the PAOC Mission

When surveyed it was very clear that PAOC membership had a strong desire to continue to support the mission of the fellowship through the existing mortgage pool. In consultation with PAOC leadership, BMA Benefits and Canada Life have designed a uniquely structured DC Pension Plan that will allow this to continue. Through the DC Plan new assets will be made available to be utilized by the PAOC mortgage pool. Once the DC Plan assets reach a stable threshold, which we anticipate may be a few years from the start of the plan in 2020, members will be able to self-direct their contributions to the mortgage pool. The Board of Trustees will also be able to direct employer contributions to the pool as they see fit.

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About BMA

BMA Benefits is a consulting firm providing financial advising to PAOC and its members. In conjunction with PAOC and Canada Life we will consult, design, implement and monitor the PAOC DC Pension Plan. Our services include individual financial advising for all members of the PAOC DC plan and their families, provided at no cost.



  • Investment Management Fees (IMFs) are lower than an employer would be able to negotiate on its own

  • Portability and continuity is ensured for members who may move from one PAOC employer to another

  • Personal Financial advice for all members available at no extra cost

  • Allows transfers in from other plans and voluntary contributions so that members can support PAOC through their other savings vehicles e.g. RRSP they may have at other institutions

  • Your contributions will support the PAOC mission through investments in the mortgage pool once the DC plan assets reach a stable threshold

  • Curated top performing investment options in all asset classes that are committed to Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)


  • Liability is removed from the employer and placed on BMA Benefits and Canada Life

  • Administration of the plan is performed by BMA Benefits and Canada Life (e.g. Adding and removing employees, any required reporting, etc.)

  • Turn-key plan implementation: the DC Pension Plan is already set up and BMA Benefits and Canada life facilitate the addition of new participating employers

  • Support the PAOC mission through unique structure that supports the mortgage pool

  • Portability and continuity is ensured for members who may move from one PAOC employer to another


Plan Details


  • Members are able to contribute to an RRSP, Group RRSP, Defined Contribution Pension Plan, and a TFSA

  • Each participating employer in the plan will be able to offer its employees a matching contribution of between 2.5% and 9% of their gross earnings (excluding bonuses, overtime, etc.)

  • Employer contribution will be invested at the direction of the PAOC Board of Trustees in a registered pension plan and employee contributions will be self directed from a professionally curated fund line up and will be held in a RRSP account


  • All full time employees (both credential holders and non-credential holders) of a PAOC church, ministry, or affiliate

Voluntary Savings & Transferring Savings into the Plan

  • Members can contribute additional, voluntary savings either through their RRSP account or through the Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA).  Whichever account type is chosen as the savings vehicle, the member will benefit from the low Investment Management Fees (IMFs)

  • Transfers into the plan from other accounts are permitted. If you are interested in transfering money, contact us

Income at Retirement

  • There is no guaranteed level of income at retirement.  Unlike in a defined benefit pension, in a defined contribution pension the plan member assumes the investment risk.  The outcome, therefore, may be more or less beneficial when compared to a defined benefit pension. Get in touch with a BMA Group advisor by following the contact button below

Plan Details

Fund Information

Click on a fund title to go directly to the Fund Facts. Fund Information and Rate of Return numbers are updated quarterly.

Investment Management Fees (IMF) & Rates of Return (ROR)

Fund Information
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Videos & Testimonials

“BMA Benefits comes highly recommended for their expertise and ability to provide quality, timely and personalized service to those seeking assistance in establishing a holistic, individualized retirement plan. "


“This partnership with BMA Benefits allows us another window, or another door, to help people be prepared for the next stage of their life. And so, we encourage you, I encourage you to reach out and talk to BMA about how this plan could be a benefit to you or your church."



PAOC Pension Contact Form

For more information about the PAOC Group Retirement Savings Plan, or to get in contact with an advisor, fill out the following contact form and a member of the BMA Group staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

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